The Slate

Lakeland Green Slate is a natural material formed 450 million years years ago during volcanic times.


The volcanic eruptions , once settled in the landscape  merged with the  surrounding  water and minerals , then becoming hard over time, resulted in the tough layered rock we use today. The effect of the environment producing many varied patterns and shades in the stone, notably a green tinge caused by the mineral “chlorite”.


Slate has been quarried in the lakes from the time of Henry VIII to the present day, there is even evidence of slate been used as a building material by the Romans.


For hundreds of years it has shaped the landscape, formed rooves and buildings, and provided employment across the land.


As quarrying methods improved over the years so did the craftsmanship with it, and with the advancement of diamond tooling and polishing techniques slate proved useful for more decorative work including stone cladding for buildings and interior work such as worktops and fireplaces, the new processes  releasing the colours and patterns within.

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