Our Company

We are a small local firm who make quality signs, numbers and other gifts from our world famous “green slate”.


Situated at Keswick on Derwentwater in the heart of the Lake District we are able to source slate from several areas including Langdale, Kirkstone, Coniston, Borrowdale and Windemere.


Slate is collected from the quarries and then split and sawn before being polished and engraved into signs that will last a lifetime.


Lakeland Slate is used throughout the uk and exported around the world due to its unique qualities and colour.


From the roof of Buckingham Palace to the walls of the King of Borneo’s chamber Lakeland green slate can be found, so give your home a royal seal of approval with a Lakeland slate house sign !


Based in a beautiful part of the Lake District we are a small team of local stonemasons who between us have over 35 years experience of working with stone. We produce slate products that we are passionate and proud of . Because we are a small firm we can ensure attention to detail and give every order the best of attention.


Our stoneyard has worked with slate for over a hundred years, even having our own quarry at Grange in Borrowdale up until the 1970s.


Nowadays we source slate from throughout the lakes.


Because we are a stoneyard we have all the machinery and tools to work with the slate in “clog” form, lumps of slate collected from the quarry and split and cut in the workshop before polishing and engraving, this allows us to produce a high end product for a competitive price.


Having sold our signs locally on Keswick market for the last few years we would now like to reach a further customer base.


We have looked at various sites online and feel we offer a great product to rival any other. A lot of companies are using cheaper imported slate which is inferior to ours in strength and colour.


A lot of companies are just etching or sandblasting the signs, both of which are not as effective as our traditional v-carved engraving.


We are using modern cutting techniques combined with a unique natural material to produce house signs of distinction, each one being different bringing a touch of class to your home.